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Hi! It’s so nice to meet you.

Rhonda Brzozowiec  I’m Rhonda, and I’m a mom who has a passion for health and travel.  I am happily married and have two teenage sons.  Before joining It Works, I was working my dream job as a flight attendant.  I had the pleasure of traveling around the world, and getting paid to do it!  I DO love my job, but it left me searching for easier ways to maintain a healthy diet.  It’s a demanding lifestyle that keeps you on the go, making it difficult to always eat healthy meals.

One of my close friends invited me to a wrap party at her house.  I didn’t even know what that was! Lol, I’m always game to try new things, and who could say no to a girls’ night in?  Of course, I tried a wrap as soon as I got there.  I seriously couldn’t believe my results when I took that wrap off! I went in as a skeptic, and left totally amazed!  The wraps are amazing, obviously.  But one of the other products really caught my attention, the Greens.  It was exactly what I had been looking for to fill the gap in my diet on my trips.  I signed up as a customer that night.

As I drank my Greens on the go  on my trips, my fellow flight attendants were very interested.  Seeing all this excitement of my friends and co-workers made the decision to join It Works easy.  I have suffered with 2 herniated discs in my back for years, and had  kept it under control with exercise and chiropractic care.  Not long after joining It Works, it really got bad.  Unfortunately, I also haven’t been able to get back to flying at this point either.  I am so grateful that I found It Works when I did.

Since I couldn’t leave the house, and was not able to drive for a while, this prevented me from building my business by traditional wrap parties and events.  I love that the flexibility of this business model has allowed me to turn to social media and still grow my health and wellness business!  My passion now is teaching, guiding, and helping others to live healthier, happier, fuller lives.  I’m confident that you found your way here for a reason.  Whether you are looking for healthier alternatives to improve your health or skincare, or a way to achieve financial freedom I am here to help YOU.


HollyI have advanced neurological Lyme disease and I was diagnosed in 2011. I did have a picc line for 18 months and did two IVs every single day to get to remission…
but a year and a half in remission I did relapse due to immense stress. I waws introduced to the It Works! Greens and within six weeks of being religious about taking them I was back in remission and I haven’t looked back since. It also helped with my join pain and I did not need to add relief in.

-Holly Bachle Kitchin Roesing

My cholesterol was 210, my triglycerides were 176 – (it should be cholesterol under 200 and triglycerides under 150).

I started taking the Greens chews for one month.

Cholesterol is down to 159 and triglycerides 117. Blood pressure was 122/78.I am truly amazed. What an accomplishment! It does work.

-Ronald Mazur

Ok, 2 months on those crazy wrap things and I’m addicted for life! It’s weird, I don’t get how it works and I really don’t care.

-Marie Demko

Thanks Rhonda! Been doing the Vital Core and Thermofit since February with vitamin D, down 23 pounds!

-Mary Rachiele

Before and After Facials and Wraps
Before and After Wraps, Greens, Defining Gel
Before and After Wraps and Defining Gel

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